Drug Charges Lawyer in Charlottesville

Few things will have a bigger impact on your life than the outcome of a criminal hearing. Unfortunately, many people don't learn that until they are arrested and in need of a lawyer. Whether you are facing charges for murder, burglary or selling drugs, you need to work with someone who can protect your rights and your future.

At Caroline Ayres Law Office, that is exactly what we do. We have been practicing for more than two decades, and we have experience handling criminal cases from every angle. Prior to opening the firm and working as a defense attorney, attorney Caroline Ayres was as a public defender, prosecutor and judge. Because we have experience working on the other side of cases, we know what to expect and use that insight when we are preparing cases.

We defend clients in Charlottesville and throughout Central and Northern Virginia who are facing charges for violent crimes and drug offenses, including:

  • Murder
  • Assault
  • Burglary
  • Sex Crimes and Rape
  • Possession, Sale, Manufacturing or Trafficking of Drugs

Personalized Service in Criminal Defense Matters

When you are going before the judge, it is important to preset your case in the best light possible. We work with our clients to help them clean up and allow the judge to see them in the most positive light. Violent crimes and drug charges carry serious penalties, and if you have prior convictions, the stakes are even higher. We work aggressively to offer our clients the legal protection they need. Contact our Charlottesville crime defense attorney online or call toll free (434) 983-3418 to schedule your free initial consultation.